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Pambry PED0828 - Personal Noise Dose Meter / Personal Noise Dosimeter

A new approach to Personal Sound Exposure Meters (PSEMs).

  • Compact and light design to clip on during the working day
  • View instantaneous noise level and total exposure of the day on LCD display
  • Knock and Vibration Cancelling Technology (Patent No: GB 2 551 724)
  • Revolutionary design to simulate the effect of wearing ear defenders
  • Use Mobile Phone application to control and view data
  • Battery time 160 hours / 4 working weeks
  • Charged using USB
  • Comply to the ‘Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (UK)’
  • Complies to international standards: IEC 61672-1, IEC 61252
  • Two Simultaneous Dosimeters in one (3 is an option)
  • Each Dosimeter (in the one unit) can measure DOSE according to pre-set (ISO,OSHA,NIOSH...) or your custom criteria (Exchange Rate, Level, Threshold) for World standards comparisons, in one time recording session.
  • Produce a daily report and stats of the work environment by downloading data
  • Default 8 hour day, adjustable in menu
  • Tamper proof facility
  • Low power radio function - base station mounting*
  • Bright LED for dose alarm warning
  • Contains A,C and Z-weighting filters to mimic the frequencies heard by the human ear
  • Built in or External Microphone**
  • Calibrated during manufacture
  • Data logging - Sound / temperature / humidity / movement
  • No USB Drivers required to download data
  • Class 2 sound level meter
  • Includes movement and orientation monitor
  • Records Temperature and Relative Humidity

* Option. ** External microphone is an additional option.

Invest in the worlds most competitve personal noise dosimeter and be compliant with workplace Health & Safety regulations.

Noise Protection is now "Category III PPE" - Protect your employees to ensure they are not exposed above the occupational health and safety legal noise pollution limits.

Industries served:

  • Airport ground crew
  • Construction, mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Test engineering
  • Concert staff
Pambry PED0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter / Personal Noise Dosimeter

Download the latest Firmware (Version 2.3.1) for the PED-0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter.

Get the ListenEar Application

The Pambry ListenEar Application for Android smartphone and tablet is designed to remote control the range of Pambry Electronics Listen Ear™ Personal Noise Dose Meters / Personal Noise Dosimeters. It improves your productivity and safety by allowing you to stream measurements in real time wirelessly.

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