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Pambry PED0828 - Personal Noise Dose Meter / Personal Noise Dosimeter

A new approach to Personal Sound Exposure Meters (PSEMs).

  • Compact and light design to clip on during the working day
  • View instantaneous noise level and total exposure of the day on LCD display
  • Knock and Vibration Cancelling Technology (Patent No: GB 2 551 724)
  • Revolutionary design to simulate the effect of wearing ear defenders
  • Use Mobile Phone application to control and view data
  • Battery time 160 hours / 4 working weeks
  • Charged using USB
  • Comply to the ‘Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (UK)’
  • Complies to international standards: IEC 61672-1, IEC 61252
  • Two Simultaneous Dosimeters in one (3 is an option)
  • Each Dosimeter (in the one unit) can measure DOSE according to pre-set (ISO,OSHA,NIOSH...) or your custom criteria (Exchange Rate, Level, Threshold) for World standards comparisons, in one time recording session.
  • Produce a daily report and stats of the work environment by downloading data
  • Default 8 hour day, adjustable in menu
  • Tamper proof facility
  • Low power radio function - base station mounting*
  • Bright LED for dose alarm warning
  • Contains A,C and Z-weighting filters to mimic the frequencies heard by the human ear
  • Built in or External Microphone**
  • Calibrated during manufacture
  • Data logging - Sound / temperature / humidity / movement
  • No USB Drivers required to download data
  • Class 2 sound level meter
  • Includes movement and orientation monitor
  • Records Temperature and Relative Humidity

* Option. ** External microphone is an additional option.

Invest in the worlds most competitve personal noise dosimeter and be compliant with workplace Health & Safety regulations.

Noise Protection is now "Category III PPE" - Protect your employees to ensure they are not exposed above the occupational health and safety legal noise pollution limits.

Industries served:

  • Airport ground crew
  • Construction, mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Test engineering
  • Concert staff
Pambry PED0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter / Personal Noise Dosimeter

Download the latest Firmware (Version 2.4.0) for the PED0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter.

Get the ListenEar Application

The Pambry ListenEar Application for Android smartphone and tablet is designed to remote control the range of Pambry Electronics Listen Ear™ Personal Noise Dose Meters / Personal Noise Dosimeters. It improves your productivity and safety by allowing you to stream measurements in real time wirelessly.

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