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Pambry Electronics - the audio electronics industry specialist

Pambry Electronics has a proud history of over 50 years in the acoustic ancillary, connector, cable and microphone fields. We have contracts with various major manufacturers in France, Germany and Spain for microphone development specifically for Masks and Military Headsets.

A family owned British company established in 1972 Pambry Electronics has grown into a company representing the cream of the Acoustics Industry including Amphenol Nexus Technologies, Accusonic Voice Systems, General Connector, Astrocom Electronics and Gavitt Wire in supplying connectors, cables, switches, microphone and acoustic products.

Pambry Electronics has a successful track record of accepting contracts and developing a wide range of audio products to customer’s requirements which larger manufacturers believed were impossible to meet. In co-operation with partners we have developed QPL and FAA certificated products.

Pambry Electronics core skills include:

  • Acoustic research and development
  • Cable design
  • Microphone development
  • Control box design
  • Moulding design
  • Connector design
  • Cost reduced equivalent and compatible designs

Pambry Electronics quality management system is compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

A host of Pambry developed products are illustrated on our website including our Noise Dose Meter, Cable Tester and Headset Tester.

Please feel free to contact us where we will share our enthusiasm for products, service and quality Pambry Electronics has to offer.

Pambry Electronics Specialist Products

Pambry PED1087

Cable Tester

Pambry Electronics PED1087 Cable Tester

Pambry PED0828

Personal Noise Dose Meter

Pambry Electronics PED0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter

Pambry PED0900

Audio Auxiliary Tester

Pambry Electronics PED0900 Audio Auxiliary Tester

Pambry PED1317

Push to Talk PTT Switch

Pambry Electronics PED1317 Push to Talk PTT Switch.jpg

Pambry Electronics

Submersion Microphones

Pambry Electronics Submersion Microphones

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