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We can custom make microphones, cables
and cable assemblies to your specifications.

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Pambry and Comm innovations -
more than a decade in partnership
supplying rugged and reliable audio
components to Europe

cables  Impedance matching with splitters and control boxes
cables  A huge range of MIL standard components
cables  Modular design that can change as your needs change

About Comm Innovations
Comm Innovations is committed to supplying our customers with rugged and reliable products that serve their requirements. Comm Innovations was incorporated in November 1994 with objective is to provide customised communication equipment and solutions to our customers in the aviation market. All of the products are assembled and tested on-site, with outsourced sub- assemblies and components selected from potential vendors for quality, economy and customer service.

Quality Parts, Materials and Procedures:
All parts, materials and procedures used by Comm Innovations are in accordance with military and FAS specifications and standards wherever possible, such as, amplifiers (MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130), and inspection (ISO 9000 Compliant).

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