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Pambry audio electronics and test equipment

Through decades of research, development, and partnership, Pambry Electronics
has created a world class portfolio of audio technologies.

The portfolio has both ‘off the shelf’, and bespoke solutions.

Pambry’s R&D department is also able to adapt its range to your needs. If you
see anything you like, but not exactly what you need contact us and we will
provide you a bespoke solution to your needs.

MANS Mask breathing noise reduction

Pambry has developed a world class method of reducing breathing noise when using mask microphones.

Applications of this technology range from avionic, fire fighting, diving, industrial harsh environments, and many more. See the video opposite for a demonstration

PED 0900 audio auxiliary tester

The new Pambry PED0900 Audio Ancillary checker provides a simple way to check a headset, handset, headphone or just a microphone including any PTT switch. It can also emulate a radio transceiver to provide switched sidetone back to the user.

Active noise reduction

An in house developed technology that can be adapted into bespoke solutions.

This technology cancels out ambient noise to create comfort for the ear within the headset or earphones. Therefore the desired audio signal can be heard clearly by the ear whether for communications or music.

PED1087 cable tester

Pambry has developed its own device to efficiently test continuity of multi pinned cables. With its learning feature, this device is perfect to dramatically reduce test time on production lines or for servicing and maintenance of multi core, multi cable industrial applications.

Pambry microphones

A world class range of microphones are available including Electret, Dynamic, Amplified Electret, and mask microphones. These also include noise cancelling boom microphones and cockpit microphones.

Push to talk PTT boxes and volume controls

Pambry has a range of boxed devices designed to either be hand held, clipped onto clothes or uniforms, or to be stand alone. These are built to robust IP67 standard with functionality including impedance matching, amplification, volume controls, and push
to talk.


All our range of boom microphones come supplied with a windsock. The addition of a windsock to a microphone can improve the intelligibility of speech.

Not only do they remove wind noise from the environment they also reduce the pops and hisses from speech which microphones can pick up when used close to the mouth.

Pambry PED1317 Push to talk PTT switch

Buy the Pambry PED1317 Push to talk PTT switch

Reconfigurable and adaptable PTT switches

CIX 200,300 & 400 series switch and cable assemblies can be assembled, repaired or reconfigured for other purposes without a solder gun. The interconnect module is fixed to the rear half of the switch case. All the key components Cable, Jack, Volume Control, Slide Switch & PTT switch plug into the interconnect module. Finally the distribution header which provides the needed switch and connection functions plugs into the interconnect module to complete the assembly.


A range of Military loudspeakers for use by soldiers in the field made and manufactured in partnership with our colleagues in Accusonic

PED 0302 Headset/Helmet/Mask tester

Designed to perform pass/fail objective measurements within pre-specified tolerance limits for most overhead style headsets and helmets. The facial features are based on the industry standard 'Sheffield' head and provide the capability to assess most breathing apparatus mask voice communications. Options are available to measure Microphone and Earphone sensitivity, ANR functionality, Distortion, Phase, Crosstalk, Impedance, Cable continuity. Real speech playback and subjective talk through are also available.

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